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Know More About Delhi Public School and DPS Society

From Principal Desk-

Spread over 20 acres of land in sylvan surroundings, comprising classes from Pre-Nursery to XII, is a unique world itself with the buzzing and beaming of the tiny tots adding new hues and shades in the vibrant rangoli of life. Equal emphasis is laid right from the tender years on assimilation of values along with the acquisition of all round skills. Learning is made a pleasurable experience through interesting activities that promote learning by doing. 

The school is a self sufficient in itself and has attractive, well lit classrooms, music and dance rooms, activity zone, computer labs and libraries for the Primary and Middle section. Each new day will unfold excitement unlimited to the students as they are given to an exposure to a world beyond classrooms and books through well planned inter and intra class activities and site visits, thus helping them to get a closure peek in to the world around. Inter class assemblies are organized apart, from the mega annual functions ensuring mass participation, giving ample opportunities to each child to bring out his/her hidden potential.

The DPS Society

The DPS society is a non-profit, non-proprietary educational body widely recognize for its progressive approach & commitment to excellence. With around 200 hundred schools under its umbrella both in India and abroad, it has been imparting quality education for more than 65 years to produce a galaxy of eminent men & women, who have bought glory to India. 

The society is managed by distinguished members from various walks of life whose vision was turned to Delhi Public Schools into significant portals of learning and synonyms with a growth of young mind.

Mission and Vision

Achieve the highest standards of excellence

Prepare enlightened and responsible citizens for the 21st century

Equip our standards to compete in the ever widening world of technology and at the same time have a deep commitment to Indian ethos and culture

Become an instrument of change by spearheading movements to promote peace, harmony, environmental consciousness and care for the downtrodden……..

Our Moto

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of the others, thus, we move steadfastly, in the path of service to our society, which we believe, is “Service to God.” Himself. The motto, “Service Before Self,” stirs a revolution in the mind and soul of children as soon as it touches their ears, and by the time we are done with them, they become remarkable individuals with incredible talent. 

The world looks up to them in unimaginable ways and they rule with grace. That is the true essence of a Dip site.

How to get a volleyball potion

For volleyball, still in high school, getting a volleyball scholarship is a dream. It allows you to get it
The college volleyball search is possible, but it’s possible. Thousands of volleyball programmes in college all over the country offer scholarships. There is a scholarship for athletes at NCAA Division 1 and 2, as well as NIA schools and colleges
In sports like soccer and basketball, students get a set. But, in volleyball, the process works differently. The volleyball coaches do not have the resources for the scouts and the search for players. This means that students have a much greater responsibility to find the scholarships themselves. Learn how to find a volleyball scholarship! (ALL)
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Schools offer volleyball scholarships
Make a list of 20 to 30 potential schools you’re interested in. Include security schools, dream schools, and schools where you have a good chance to make a team. You should concentrate on recruiting personnel for the last set of schools
Contact Coaches-Email-Email-Coaches of all programs in which you are interested. Include your résumé with detailed statistics on your previous seasons. You must also send the video clips (repetitions!) You play volleyball
To sway the list-Haldway through your senior year, you have to be in contact with 5 to 10 schools. Choose 1-2 security schools, 3-5 schools that have a strong interest in you, and 3-5 schools of dreams
New trainers to watch you are the most difficult step. The volleyball coaches are major tournaments to watch the players they’re communicating with. To get a coach, you have to be a great athlete and keep in touch with them
training requirements
for a college athlete, specifically for the schools you’re interested in.
They are not believed to be found in summer camps and showers. Instead, ask the coaches with which camps or shows they will be in. After that, you can sign up for them and let them know that you will be there and squatting for you
Consider schools at all levels of division. Although the DI is excellent, there are many opportunities at other levels.
You don’t automatically turn off the school you’re not interested in. It can only be one of your options later
Keep in touch with potential trainers. Send them an update on your recent sporting or academic achievements. Don’t be shy about knowing what your middle school or club schedule is.
Most scholarship recipients go beyond the level of DI (NCAA DI). Schools on your \”likely\” list are likely to be at NCAA DII, NAIA and NCAA DIII levels
Men’ s volleyball is a sport of equivalence, which means that there are no full scholarships. In NDCAA I and II volleyball coaches can offer 4.5 scholarships. These scholarships are generally divided among several players who are chosen by the coach.
Women’s volleyball is just a sport in NCAA DI. This means that there are 12 full scholarships that cannot be shared. There are 8 full fellowships in the programmes of the NCAA II Division. The NAIA programmes for both men and women offer 8 scholarships
If you want to get a volleyball scholarship, check the list of schools you are interested in. This will allow you to get an idea of what your mentors are looking for. Look at the height and statistics of the current athlete in your position. Finally, enroll them in the NCAA and NAIA status centers. It’s important for you to get admission to a sports scholarship.
It is important that your school assessments be higher. So you’ll be more attractive to the volleyball coaches in college. Caches care about your team with a high GPA. This will enable you to apply for scholarships. Remember, the scholarship money was added and even helped a little

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