Look at the DPS Classrooms, Libraries and infrastructures

Labs play a vital role in instilling in the students an undying thirst for going beyond the texts by giving them a firsthand experience of learning by seeing and doing

Class Rooms

The classrooms are dynamic combination of color & luminous spaces which adapt to a multitude of activity that takes place in the school ,which is why we ensure that classrooms are described to stimulate the learning process in a positive way. Our well designed classrooms enhance teaching student’s ability to learn.

Safety, comfort, lightening, acoustics, color, scheme , flexibility of space, and student teacher input for a balanced learning environment is created. Comfortable seating and workspaces allows teachers to expand the learning area and be more creative and their approach to teaching. It also gives the students more flexibility around the room and a higher level of comfort.

Classrooms are large airy and abundant natural light to facilitate the unhindered growth and development of each child. Each classroom is equipped with a smart board to help the students understand and grasp the concepts in a better way.

Social Science Lab

Learning Social Science is made memorable with the help of charts, PPTs and films in the lab that actually enable the students to walk back in time and relive landmark events in the history or explore the unresolved mysteries of the universe.


The school has well stocked libraries- primary & middle sections which are store houses of some of the most popular master pieces in English and Hindi, catering to the appetite of readers of all age groups. The vast collection is replenished from time to time, thus making the place the most favourite destination for most students. The libraries also have a media centre to help students get latest information on various topics.

Maths Lab

The maths lab provides a vibrant environment for learning and doing. Abstract mathematical concepts acquire clarity here. Visualisation on the computer helps Instill spatial concepts while solid figures become tangible in handling.

Science Lab

The lab is equipped with a variety of apparatus which supplement and strengthen the concepts learnt in the classroom. Other than models and flowcharts, a projector placed in there, allows for innovative methods of teaching scientific concepts

Computer Lab

The school has two computer labs for primary and middle sections, catering to the requirement of different age groups as well as Resource Centre for teachers. The labs are equipped with Computer systems with all major softwares.

Language Lab

The lab is equipped to empower the students with strong linguistic skills. The latest equipment makes it possible for the optimum utilization of audio-visual inputs which go a long way in reinforcing the listening and speaking skills of students here students learn to polish their Spanish German French and Sanskrit beside English and Hindi

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Biology Lab

Mathematics Lab

Computer Lab